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Gliding over barely beaten tracks at the foot of the imposing walls of the Dolomites, through the snow-covered landscape of the northernmost region in Italy, recharging your batteries with energy to face the challenges of everyday life - cross country skiing in South Tyrol and in the Dolomites is an excellent pastime and a particularly healthy way for discovering the cultural and natural landscape of the southern slopes of the Alps, kissed by the sun.
It's a well-known fact: few winter sports are more suitable than cross country skiing to keep people of all ages fit. You can choose between classic and skating style: beginners and expert cross country skiers will enjoy themselves in the great outdoors, appreciating the typical crunch of the snow under their skis.
Whether you are in search of a relaxing week of cross country skiing or just a pleasant day's outing on these narrow boards, we can accompany you over the vast network of cross country trails in South Tyrol and the Dolomites.

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