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General information:

Classification of the tour: Self-guided tour
Difficulty: easy
Distance: 208 -320 km
Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Price: from 499,- €

Karte Sternfahrt Friaul

Highlights and places of interest along the route:


Starting point for this bicycle holiday is Prepotto (Prapotno in Slovenian). It is a picturesque village in the Province of Udine - in the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia, located about 50 km northwest of Trieste and about 20 km east of Udine, on the border with Slovenia - with old houses and winding alleys. For winegrowers and wine lovers this well-known village is an El Dorado, a place with beautiful vineyards where you can taste some of the world finest wine.
Carrying on your trip you will arrive at Gradisca ((Gradišče ob Soči in Slovenian). This little town in the east of Friuli nearby the border area of Slovenia has been the front between Austria and Italy in the First World War, well known for the 12 Battles of the Isonzo.

Characteristics of the route:

The route runs on bicycle paths and alongside roads without traffic from the vineyards of the Collio to the Adriatic Coast.
The tour is suitable for children from the age of 14.

A day by day account of the route:

Anreise nach Alberobello

Day 1: Arrival at Prepotto

The picturesque village of Prepotto;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 2: Roundtrip Cividale - Udine (approx. 28/60 km)

Choose between the longer and the shorter round trip;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 3: Roundtrip Slovenia/Brda (approx. 40-60 km)

Across the border to Slovenia and to the Brda;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 4: the castles of the Collio (approx. 35/45 km)

The Gorizia Hills became well known due to their good wine;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 5: to Gradisca (approx. 25/40 km)

Cormons, longer variant over Görz;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 6: Roundtrip to Aquileia (approx. 40/75km)

The Roman city Aquileia, the so-called „Second Rome“;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 7: to Trieste (approx. 40 km)

The former Habsburg city is waiting for you;

Alberobello - Ostuni

Day 8: Departure

Individual departure or extension of your stay;

Prices 2018

Self-guided tour
Package price per person in a double room with half board – arrival date 18/03 and 21/10/2018 499,00 €
Package price per person in a double room with half board 599,00 €
Single room surcharge per person 120,00 €
High season* surcharge - (May/June/September) 65,00 €
Additional services
Rental bike 75,00 €
E-Bike 165,00 €
Additional nights in Gradisca; Hotel 4****stars
Per person and night in a double room with breakfast 59,00 €
Surcharge single room per night with breakfast 15,00 €
Additional nights in Prepotto
Per person and night in a double room with breakfast 54,00 €
Surcharge single room per night with breakfast 15,00 €

Starting dates 2017, self-guided tour:

  • Arrival every Tuesday and Sunday from 18/03/2018 (first available date) to 21/10/2018 (last available date)

  • With a minimum of 5 people we can organize upon request a start of the tour on every other day

General information:

  • Arrival information:
    • By car:
      From the north via the motorway A10 to Villach and further on the A23 to Udine (Udine Nord exit); on the provincial road 54 to Cividale del Friuli and from there to Prepotto;
      from the west via the A4 – via Milano and Venezia – and further on the A23 to Udine (Udine Sud exit); via San Giovanni al Natisone to Prepotto.
    • By Train:
      Good possibilities for arrival to Cormons by train. From there you continue by bus.

    • By flight:
      Airport Trieste, Mestre, Ljubljana. From all of the three places there are good bus/train connections to Udine/Cormons.

  • Car parking:
    Parking facilities at your start hotel.

  • Accommodation:
    “Agriturismo” in Prepotto and 4****star hotel in Gradisca (both with swimming pool)
    Attention: Tourist tax – if requested - has to be paid directly on the spot.

  • Transfer:
    Return transfer by shuttle bus every Tuesday and Sunday from Gradisca to Prepotto at a price of Euro 30.00 per person (bicycle included – reservation and payment upon booking).

  • Rental Bikes:
    21-gear ladies‘ and men’s bicycle
    7-gear Unisex with back pedal
    E-Bike (Unisex bike)

  • Tour information available in:
    German - English - Italian

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