Active holidays in Italy and Europe - Your bike and hike holiday unforgettable, carefree and without stress!



Active holidays in Italy and Europe - Your bike and hike holiday unforgettable, carefree and without stress!

All bike tours in Italy and Europe

Innsbruck Venice

The cycling route will lead you through the UNESCO world natural heritage – the Dolomites – to Treviso and finally to the gates of the Serenissima – Venice – with its doges palaces and famous canals.

Duration: 9 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 340 km

from 806.- €

Karte Istrien Sternfahrt

During this cycle holiday you will experience some of the most beautiful spots in Lombardy. Of course, Lake Como, but not only: art historically important cities as Milan and Bergamo.

Duration: 7 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 147-161 km

from 689.- €


Apulia, the heel of the boot, is an enchanting region, a strip of land in the sea with a large selection of enchanting coasts for every taste. If you want to immerse yourself in the past, Puglia offers a multitude of historical sites that tell of its ancient culture: from prehistory to the Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and the splendour of the Baroque.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:
Length: approx. 250-300 km
from 689,- €

Radurlaub Apulien
Carinthian Lakes

The basis of the tour is Villach. The bike city is situated next to river Drau. Carinthia’s second largest town with visitors with its easy-going, Mediterranean lifestyle – perfect for gourmets, art lovers, shopaholics and those seeking relaxation. 

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 290 km

from 499.- €

Karte Sternfahrt Kaerntner Seen
Venice Trieste Istria

Starting point is Venice, the lagoon city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Cycling past the beaches of the classical holiday resorts of Jesolo and Caorle, an opportunity always presents itself to take a refreshing swim in the sea.

Duration: 8 or 7 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 185-430 km

from 454.- €

Karte Venedig Porec
Villach to Venice

Moving on from the peaks of the Carnic Alps you cycle on the south side of the Alps approaching the sea, ahead of you the coast of the Adria where the miles long sand beaches are extending.

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 345-380 km

from 569.- €

Karte Villach Venedig
Bressanone Ljubljana

Starting from the Bishop`s town, the cycle path follows the course of the rivers Rienz and Drau through Eastern Tyrol and further to the lake district Carinthia. Soon you leave Austria behind and pass the border to Slovenia.

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 315-330 km

from 649.- €

Carinthian Lakes

Carinthian lakes… just so, offers you the possibility to become more familiar with the many facets of Carinthia. The many and well established bike paths along the lakes are ideal for families and leisure cycler. 

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 245-265 km

from 599.- €

South Tyrol

Whilst travelling along the newly built cycle paths, you will get to know all about this little country, its flair and specialities. The unspoilt nature with its mountains,  lakes and a culture of a country influenced by its history.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 290-315 km

from 599.- €

Friuli Cividale

Starting point is Prepotto, a small picturesque village with old houses and winding alleys in the  Italian region Friuli-Venezia. Carrying on your trip you will arrive at Gradisca d’Isonzo, the border area of Slovenia.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 231 - 331 km

from 499.- €


This special route leads you from Switzerland to Italy, from the Alps to Milan, passing Lake Lecco. The emotions start with the start in St. Moritz. On the railway (the Thusis-Tirano section is part of the UNESCO World Heritage) you will be able to admire a unique panorama through the windows.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 200-215 km

from 799.- €

Dolomites to Maribor

The route has been classified in 2016 from ADFC as 5-star-quality-route and starts at the source of the river Drau in Italy leading 366 km along the river across Eastern Tyrol and Carinthia to Maribor in Slovenia.

Duration: 10 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 365-370 km

from 795.- €

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