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Always on the right track
... with bike suitable maps, detailed road books and GPS

Maps for your bike tour

The tour maps are characterized by detailed maps with a description of the course and provide useful information about the country and people, possibilities to stop for refreshments, bike service posts and anything else that might be helpful.

Unfortunately for some regions of Italy there are little or inadequate maps available. Therefore FUNActive Tours has decided to create its own maps. The maps have been specifically devised for our tours/routes.

Kartenmaterial für Ihre RadreiseDetailierte Reiseunterlagen für Ihre Radreise

Our road books- mile after mile towards your destination

In the travel documents that you receive for the booked tour you will find a detailed description of the route. Even if you selected an individual tour with no guide you don`t have to find your way around alone. We provide detailed directions and also give you additional information about the country and the people.

Unterlagen MappeRoadbooks

GPS Equipment and track cycling

GPs devices are a valuable tool for both hikers and cyclists. GPS can not only be used for more extreme tours but it is also very valuable on easy routes for a better, simpler and faster orientation.

For many of our tours we offer optional GPS data (tracks in the format .gpx) to use on your own GPS device. There is also the possibility to hire a “Garmin” or a "Falk" GPS device – a GPS device from the market leader in the field of mobile navigation. We provide you with robust, handy and easy to use outdoor navigation devices.

The track of the tour is downloaded to the device and displayed on the screen as a line. Based on your current position you can immediately see if you move away from the line (i.e. go wrong) or if you are on the right track, along the line.

GPS TrackerKofferbänder

Tour finder

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