Venice Trieste Istria

Starting point is Venice, the lagoon city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Cycling past the beaches of the classical holiday resorts of Jesolo and Caorle, an opportunity always presents itself to take a refreshing swim in the sea.

Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights or Variant: 7 Days / 6 Nights | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 255-430 km

from 599.- €

Karte Venedig Porec

This hike offers a lot of variety. From Cortina d'Ampezzo, the city in the Dolomites, you hike south to Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Forest paths, panoramic views, vineyards, plateaus, interesting towns and much more await you. Embark on a pleasure hike in northern Italy.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty: 

from 698,- €



Bressanone Ljubljana

Starting from the Bishop`s town, the cycle path follows the course of the rivers Rienz and Drau through Eastern Tyrol and further to the lake district Carinthia. Soon you leave Austria behind and pass the border to Slovenia.

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 310-335 km

from 649.- €


The Hochpustertal valley has so many things to offer to children and their parents. Just get there and spend an exciting holiday with your family: devote yourself to playing moments, adventure challenges and leisure hours to be experienced in a varied and fairy tale landscape; but do not forget you can also have a rest or a refreshing dip. The view on the Three Peaks, will be the natural theatre for your exciting holiday.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  

from 799,- €



South Tyrol

Whilst travelling along the newly built cycle paths, you will get to know all about this little country, its flair and specialities. The unspoilt nature with its mountains,  lakes and a culture of a country influenced by its history.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 280-300 km

from 599.- €

Friuli Cividale

Starting point is Prepotto, a small picturesque village with old houses and winding alleys in the  Italian region Friuli-Venezia. Carrying on your trip you will arrive at Gradisca d’Isonzo, the border area of Slovenia and has been the front between Austria and Italy in the First World War, well known for the 12 battles of the Isonzo.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: ca. 235 - 330 km

from 499.- €

Innsbruck Venice

The cycling route will lead you through the UNESCO world natural heritage – the Dolomites – to Treviso and finally to the gates of the Serenissima – Venice – with its doges palaces and famous canals.

Duration: 9 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 345 km

from 799.- €

Karte Istrien Sternfahrt
Dolomites to Maribor

The route has been classified in 2016 from ADFC as 5-star-quality-route and starts at the source of the river Drau in Italy leading 366 km along the river across Eastern Tyrol and Carinthia to Maribor in Slovenia.

Duration: 9 days | Difficulty:  
Lenght: approx. 355-360 km

from 795.- €


Start of this bicycle tour is Trieste. After a few kilometres you leave Italy and cycle to Croatia and on to Istria. Let yourself surprise you from the charms of a land-scape rich in contrasts and the various colours of Istria. 

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 220-275 km

from 598.- €


Drava Drau Lake Klopeiner See

The tour starts at the source of the river Drau in Dobbiaco. This is the place where Gustav Mahler, the composer, found most of his inspiration. The river Drau accompanies you on the way to the East Austrian capital of Lienz. From here the tour takes you through Spittal a.d. Drau and Rosegg to the Lake Klopeinersee.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 240-245 km

from 559.- €


From the north east of the Dolomites the first days you mainly follow the old Dolomites railway track. Than along the alpine upland until the flat country - Venice is the magnificent final destination of the bike tour through Northern Italy.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 300 km

from 595.- €

Map Dolomites-Venice
Alpe Adria Villach Triest

Starting point is Villach, located on the border of the Klagenfurt-basin. Real soon now you have to say goodbye to Austria, before the bicycle tour continues in Italy. The region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia invites to a foray through the cultural variety of the region.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 250 - 280 km

from 569.- €