Friuli Cividale

Cycling in the Prosecco region is absolutely the best way to know this region framed in the north by the Alps and in the south by the river Piave plain, where green hills are covered by lush overgrown vineyards.

Duration: 267 km

from 790.- €

Friuli Cividale

Starting point is Prepotto, a small picturesque village with old houses and winding alleys in the  Italian region Friuli-Venezia. Carrying on your trip you will arrive at Gradisca d’Isonzo, the border area of Slovenia.

Lenght: 204 km

from 549.- €

My E-Truscan tour

MY E-TRUSCAN TOUR is a cycling trip which follows the footsteps of these ancient people, travelling along their historic roads carved into the tuff, on the hills from which they ruled their homeland and where the mysterious “lucumoni” (this being the Etruscan word for kings) watched over their towns.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 350 km
from 1.100,- €