Probably the most famous cities of Italy are the start and end of this cyling tour of outstanding beauty. In between you cycle through an almost unknown Italy. Kiwi, peach, melons, vineyards and sunflowers seam the way and singing birds.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 305 km

from 849.- €


On this tour you will see cities like Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto,
or Narni, which have incredible art treasures and
carry its visitors back into the Middle Ages. At the end
of your trip, the “Eternal City” of Rome will welcome

Duration: 8 Days | Dificulty:  
Length: approx. 285 km

from 885.- €


Named after the crafty Etruscan people is this picturesque landscape with the typical skyline of villages on top of hills.Tuscany is a magic place, attracting tourists of all over the world. And there is no better way to discover than by bike!

Duration: 8 days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 240 km

from 639.- €


Tuscany has always been a magic place for people all around the world. To experience this landscape with its immense cultural heritage and its wonderful historical monuments by bicycle is an unforgettable experience.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 300-350 km

from 739.- €

My E-Truscan tour

MY E-TRUSCAN TOUR is a cycling trip which follows the footsteps of these ancient people, travelling along their historic roads carved into the tuff, on the hills from which they ruled their homeland and where the mysterious “lucumoni” (this being the Etruscan word for kings) watched over their towns.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 350 km
from 1.100,- €


My E-Truscan tour

Six itineraries chosen from many different options, ranging from the easiest tour, completely on the flat, along the Tyrrhenian coast to much more challenging routes, winding inland through the rolling Metallifere Hills.

Duration: 8 Days | Difficulty:  
Length: approx. 51 to 90 km/stage
from 960,- €